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Tenant Management

Are you an NRI or live too far away from your rented property or simply too busy to manage it? We will help you protect your property, manage your tenant and collect your rent.

Inventory Check

We will inspect your property, take pictures and make an inventory check-list of all the items available in the property (furniture, fixtures, etc.).

Rental Agreement Drafting

We draft and finalize rental/lease agreement liaising with you and the tenant (if needed).
In the event that you cannot be present, we provide the necessary paperwork for a limited/specific power of attorney so that we or a representative of your choosing can sign on your behalf. In such cases, power of attorney adjudication charges and lawyer fee will be billed extra.

Explaining Restrictions and Responsibilities to the Tenant

We explain the limitations, restrictions and responsibilities of the tenant towards the usage of the property at the time of signing the rental/lease agreement.

Exit Inventory Check

When your tenant vacates your property on completion of the lease period or on termination as may be the case, we will do a thorough inventory check against the inventory list available with us. We will then send you a report for final settlement. Guidance can be provided on deductions to be made.

Regular Inspections

Four (4) inspections in a year at periodic intervals or on a need basis are included in the package. However, a tentative schedule for the visits will be drawn in advance and informed at the time of commencement of the services. The actual visits will happen around the tentative schedule subject to availability of the tenant. We will request for an appointment with the tenant, inspect the property and send you a report. Extra visits will be charged separately.

Rent Collection and Deposit

At the beginning of the month, we collect the rent cheque and deposit it in your bank account based on your instructions. A scanned copy of the deposit receipt will be sent to you.

Utility Bill Payment

Alerts will be sent to you regarding the utility bill payments (restricted to electricity, water and maintenance bill). The onus of making these payments on time will rest with the tenant or the owner, depending on the lease agreement. In the event of needing assistance to pay these bills, we will facilitate the payments to the utilities provided the monies are received well in time.