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About Bestow Enterprises

Bestow Enterprises recognizes and respects the fact that purchasing a home is probably the biggest single lifetime investment that most people make. Today’s apartment blocks are increasingly sophisticated and complex buildings, and demand specialist knowledge and systems to ensure the property and asset management is undertaken in such a way as to maintain and enhance the value of our customers investment. Coupled with the firm focus on value for money and exceptional customer service we strive to deliver a ‘turnkey’property management service, where every aspect is comprehensively dealt with, and our customers can rest easy that their investment is in safe hands.

Our extensive menu of services can be tailored to meet the priorities of developers, freeholders and resident’s management companies alike, and rest assured, we understand the different emphasis that each client group requires. Our comprehensive but transparent approach to property management is centered on identifying and understanding our customers' needs and providing them with the highest standards of customer service and qualified professional advice.


  • High tenant retention ensuring minimum vacancy
  • Regular communication with property owners
  • Highly-skilled staff and reasonable rates
  • Deliver owner specific tenant requirements


  • Experienced on all client service requirements
  • Extensive in-house specialist and professional capability
  • Expert qualified team
  • Accredited, service, process and performance driven


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To facilitate our customers with clear titles land / Villas which are legally verified, hassle free registration process and take care of the property needs when it comes to staying peacefully at the home of their choice

For apartment / villa owners who are renting the property is to relieve them from the hassles of the day-to-day details of operation to ensure a smoothly operations, profitable and appreciating real estate investment.